Thursday, May 28, 2015

being a big sister

"Here's to your bright eyes, shining like fireflies."
-Souvenirs // Switchfoot

"Your hope dangling by a string, I'll share in your suffering. To make you well, to make you well." 
-Gone, Gone, Gone // Phillip Phillips   

I am the oldest girl in my family. The oldest granddaughter to my grandparents. Being second oldest in family of six kids is quite a story to tell. Today I wanted to share some of the things I've learned about being a big sister.

Playmate/adult. I didn't realize how big of responsibility being a big sister would be. I think I started babysitting (along with my older brother) around 12. When the parents are gone, you are in charge. You are the adult. Yet you still play and sometimes are part of the trouble. I go from coloring pictures to putting my foot down. Haha. I've stayed home with my siblings so many time now that it doesn't even really feel like babysitting. Over the years I just got used to it. It also showed me how much maturity I lack. It's like a tiny glimpse into parenthood.

Looking out for them. I find myself checking up on my siblings.
Do they have water for the baseball game?
Make sure you tie your shoes!
Where is the first-aid kit?
Give me a moment, I have to see what my brothers are up to.
And I have worried about them. I'm very protective of my little siblings. When someone hurts them, it bothers me more than if I was the one hurt. You want to shield them from danger. And they normally find it annoying. I've been called "mom" before. Haha. What can I say?

You have to chill. I can be overbearing. *insert nervous laughing*. And I know that I am. And maybe I'm a bit of a control freak...But I'm learning to back off. I can get into "parent mode" and forget that I'm just the big sister. So yes, I've also been called "bossy". My advice here is the let some things go. You don't have to be checking up on them every minute. And normally what you have to say about a situation isn't needed...Let up on the sass.

Strive to be better. My biggest concern (not that I always remember this) is that I am a good example to my siblings. I want to show God in my everyday actions. I want to give good advice and to be humble. Sometimes as the older kid you can get a big head. You can think you know every thing and your pride can take over. Some of my siblings aren't Christians. They need the Lord, they don't even realize how lost they are. I pray that my life reflects the Truth. I pray that they don't think of me as "the big sister who knew all the answers" but as someone after God's heart.

God has used my place in my family to show me amazing things. He didn't have to make me a big sister. Or give me incredible siblings, who aren't perfect. I have amazing examples through my friends who are also big sisters.

I can't express how tight my heart is wrapped around my siblings.
I don't know what I would do without them.
They are the loudness I miss when I'm away.
They make up my favorite photos I've ever taken.


Here are my three little brothers. Jonny, Tim, and Seth. They make up 3/4 of my younger siblings.

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  1. This post is so sweet. I'm the second oldest in a family of 8. Being an older sister is definitely a humbling thing. I see my weaknesses and my inability to love them rightly come through and it just shows me more and more my need for Jesus. :) thanks for sharing this post!



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