Monday, February 16, 2015

Gulf Shores, Alabama // Family Vacation 2014

The best thing about photography is that one shot can capture that one second.
That moment that you would have forgotten, never to be brought up in your mind.
So sometimes I like to take photos when people aren't looking or paying attention.
Because it's that laugh or expression they pull without realizing it.
Or I like to venture off and be stopped by something that catches my eye. A random shell or my shirt drying in the sun, like on this trip.
If you think it would make a good photo, take the picture. Everyone sees things differently.

Based off the title of this post you should be able to figure out that my family went to Gulf Shores back in the fall time. We had an amazing time. And the week we were there was well spend. Thank you to my family for all the memories.
I took hundreds of photos on our trip but here's some of my favorites. 



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