Thursday, December 11, 2014

love can find you

This may or may not be a bit of a rant. 
But it's a good rant, I promise. 

People are lost. They are so deep in their sin that they can't see how desolate they are. They don't know their fate or where they will end up if never turning to God. 
Think about that for a moment. People are on their way to hell. And they have no clue. 
If that's not heart-wrenching then nothing is. 

Now for a bit of a story. 

I used to be one of those people. I was so lost, my sin and depravity were long over my head. Yet I believed that I was fine. I thought that God's salvation wasn't needed in my life. Do you hear the pride in that? I thought I didn't need God! 
I believed that since I went to church twice a week, was born to a Christian family, and was a "good" person that I was just fine. I lived believing that! 
But God wouldn't let it go. He kept nagging and pushing me. I was uncomfortable in church. And I knew that I wasn't saved. But it was the admitting to God that I needed Him. And that everyone else would see that I wasn't a follower of Christ. I didn't want people to know. 
But the walls came a crashing down. God showed me how much weight was on my chest. That my sin and the path I was on would crush me. My pastor had been preaching that day on how satan was like a dragon. Let me tell you, I felt the weight of that dragon. I knew I was trapped and I had no escape. I had to admit that I needed God to save me
So I cried out to my only hope. My only chance of forgiveness from my sins. 

And love found me that day. 

Where am I now you ask? 

Good question. Right now I'm in the middle of a battle. Satan's been fighting me these last couple of days. But nothing is better than having satan fighting me because I'm no longer his. 
And that's what I remind him of. That there's no ground for him to gain in me. 
I am the Lord's and the Lord is mine. 

God has been with me through everything. He was there when everything I knew turned into something bitter. He was there when people left. He was there when I got my first migraine. He was there when I messed up. He didn't leave me when I was back on my knees asking for forgiveness for something I did. He didn't leave when I was nervous for my first MRI. 
He's lead me through valleys and mountains. I'm so thankful that He's still pushing me. He hasn't stopped changing that 9 year old girl. Even when she doesn't want to move. 

Now to wrap this up. 

If you are lost, please do not wait to cry out to God. 
We aren't promised any tomorrows and you might not live to see another one. 
So please make very sure that your life is right with God. 

And if you are indeed saved, I say to you, keep following your Savior. Don't let life or satan determine how you see things. Just keep your eyes on the Lord and off of those nasty waves. 


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