Saturday, October 4, 2014

a word about moms and dads

This one's for all the parents out there. Whether you have 1 kid or 18. Whether you're a young parent or have been at this thing a while. Is doesn't matter. 

You guys try so hard to be superheros for your kids. But you don't have to. Because in their eyes you already are. You don't have to do amazing things to be amazing. I'm not a parent. So I don't know what it's like. But I know it is a hard job, it takes every part of you and it can wear you down. 

You guys are tired. And in all honesty, your jobs are overlook. The world we live in doesn't appreciate parents as it should. Moms and dads are treated like the bad guys. And there is always someone who thinks you are doing things wrong. And you're left there thinking, well, am I? 
Not if you're following the Bible and leaning on God, you aren't, And sure you guys make mistakes. But everyone does. There's not a perfect parent so stop trying to be one. 

Just do your best. That's all your kids need. They need you to be there. Not to have superpowers and a million dollars. Kids don't need shiny new things and the latest of everything. They need your love and support. Even if they don't say it. (hint at your teenager who acts like a rebel)

Speaking of teenagers, I am one of them. And most of the time I don't treat my parents with the respect they deserve. And a lot of the time I feel like they are butting in and won't leave me alone. But that's my fault. Teenagers are in between lives. We aren't children but not yet grownups. We're trying to figure out life and who we are. But most of the time the way we go about this is not right. We rebel and try to "stick it to the man". And yes, sometimes we need our space and we seem to proclaim that a lot.
Here's what we don't say. We need you guys. I need my parents, to even get through my day! 

My parents aren't perfect. They make mistakes and do the wrong things. But they are trying to bring up other human beings. They have the toughest job in the world. 

So whoever you are, whatever amount of kids you have, whatever life has thrown on you. Rest in the fact that you can trust in God to help you be the parent He has meant for you to be. After all, He is a Father. 



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