Friday, September 26, 2014

what to write about, that is the question

I don't post very often. It's almost a rare occasion. It not that I don't like to blog, I do. But I don't always have a lot of inspiration for it. But I think I going to attempt to post more. 
I normally have a lot of thoughts/opinion, it's just getting them into post form and having the motivation for it.  

But in other words. It is fall time, and the leaves are changing their colors. I love this time of year. And in other, other words let me tell you about my week. 

Was our first day back from my church's camping trip. I did a some school (so far 11th grade isn't to bad), and then headed to my best friend's house for a mini birthday party of sorts. She is an amazing light in my life. 

A little more school and Marvel's Agents of Shield that night.

School and church. 

School and a showing up for something that had been cancelled, haha but it was all good. My mom, sister, and I got to go shopping instead. 

Friday or today
School. Jimmy John's cherry Coca Cola and cookies, and right now Psych with my family. 

So yes, I don't have the most crazy or exciting weeks I suppose. But I have things to write about and posts to create. And a life to be grateful for. 


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