Sunday, July 20, 2014

to the ones

To the 11 year old asleep on the couch, you are a rebel and take after your big sister.

To the girl I've known all my life, you are you and don't pretend to be anything else. 

To the little boy who loves spiderman, please don't grow up too fast.

To the photographer, you are like my big sister and you light up the world around you.

To the brown-eyed bestie, you my darling are stronger than you know. 

To the girl who loves the villains over the heroes, you have me on your side.  

To the go-get-her, you seize life and hold on to it. 

To Mr. Sarcasm, you are indeed facetious. 

To the real-life Ariel, you are pure sweetness. 

To the advice giver, your words are seeds that grow.

To the organizer, you go so fast and reach so high. 

To the chocolate lover, you don't even have to speak to inspire.

To the girl with freckles, you balance out the crazy. 

To the ones I love, there is more of you than this list can hold, so just believe me when I say this. 

Nothing compares to what we have. It is a once in a lifetime dream and it has come true. 



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