Wednesday, July 9, 2014

these summertime days

My summer has been a bit on the crazy side of things. The whole month of June I spend running. To baseball games and swimming with friends. It was a fast pace change from the oh-so-normal track of school.
I am so glad to be done with school for now. 
It is now July. And things have slowed down. Except for 4H judging and getting project done in time, everything is summer days. There is something almost magical about summer days. Every time they come back around I'm a kid again. The wind rushing in my ears and the heat of the sun on my shoulders. The laughter of my friends. But my favorite thing about these days is the nothingness. 
For many people summertime means business but for me it never has. Probably because ever since I was little when school was over we just relaxed and enjoyed being alive. I was outside. Swimming, playing tag, and riding my bike. 

I miss being little and having nothing to stress over. So I try not to stress, not to panic, not to freak out. God is my rock through everything. He reminds me that things will work out and He's got it under control. 
So let go and enjoy these summer days. 


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  1. Oh my goodness, I love these photographs.. they're so summery and perfect. I love summer. You described it perfectly... just an amazing time to enjoy being alive and enjoy the beauty of God and all His creation. <3


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