Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Creation Museum // A Family Day Trip

For the first time, this month my family took a spring break. And we were all excited about it.The 10 days (that's including weekends) of fun and relaxation. Some days had been planned for weeks and others were more random.
One of the planned days was the first Monday of our spring break. And the planned excitement was centered around the Creation Museum. Now my family had never been to the Creation Museum until then. 


But going was awesome. Well, being anywhere with my family is awesome. But there we were, the eight of us, standing in the middle of a brand new place. Let me paint you the picture. 

My little brothers are wide-eyed and want to run and see the fish/turtles/water. 
My sister is standing by my mom who is a little lost. My older brother is also standing by them a little confused. And then there's my dad and I, we're half-running, half-walking back to the main lobby to stash our lunch. 
So basically my family is a bunch of wide-eyed, loud, laughing people who live in a world of happy confusion. And that's how that day went.
The Creation Museum was a little different than I thought it was going be. It was so good to be refreshed in what God has created. And just reading about some cool things. Adam and Eve to the printing of the Bible. Noah's ark to dinosaurs. 
But one of my favorite parts of the whole trip wasn't even inside the museum. It was the gardens and bridges outside. There was bamboo and a couple ponds of sorts. It was beautiful, plus it was half sprinkling or misting. Anyways, I'll stop writing and let the pictures tell the story..



  1. Haha. I love how you described your family. It was perfect. :)
    It looks like it was really neat. Beautiful pictures too.

  2. your description of your day and your family was just beautiful & so are the photos.
    you are a great writer and photographer!
    (what i'm saying is go write and illustrate your own book so i can buy it.)

  3. Very pretty shots! You have a real eye for photography!


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