Saturday, March 15, 2014


Sisters have a special bond. 
The kind of bond where facial expressions sometimes say more than words. 
A kind of bond where random hugs are the root of love. 
And laughter is the glue holding them together. 

I have only one sister.
She thinks I'm crazy and I think she isn't crazy enough. 
She's quiet and I'm loud. 
She curls up on the couch with a book while I'm dancing to theme songs. 
She's like a flower, pure loveliness. And I'm like a hurricane, always diving in head first. 

We are complete opposites. Yet like puzzles pieces, we fit right together. 

My sister is my better half.



  1. This was so sweet, and the pictures are so pretty. :) I love you guys.

  2. Love these frames! So sweet. :) xx

  3. love love this. <3 you two are both so beautiful.


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