Friday, January 10, 2014

The Snowstorm

"You wish you could find something warm
cause you're shivering cold." 

  -"Something Inside" August Rush Soundtrack

We had a snowstorm this past weekend, it was beautiful. And I braved the wet and the freezing cold all alone. The snowflakes were giant and the trees were so weighed down by the end of the day. It was a totally different world walking outside and just snow being everywhere. 
And everyone of those billions and billions of snowflakes is unique. Similar but never a complete match. 
Now that's amazing. 


Monday, January 6, 2014

You and I are always a good idea

The day started early, with a breathtaking sunrise and snow everywhere. 
A bit of a roadtrip and making a few wrong turns. The whole time I couldn't wait to see my best friend. 
Then came the finding of the store and then came the waiting. 
And the waiting and the inside screaming when we found each other. 
The conversions went from clothes to food to music to beanie hats. I love beanie hats. Hehe. 
And you'd think that Goodwill shopping and eating at Wendy's with the same person you see all the time would be boring. 
And you'd think that begging to spend more time together and watch a movie we've see a million times would be a little much. 
But you'd be wrong. 

Because what I think of when my best friend comes to mind is this. 

 You and I are always a good idea. 

And so is hot cocoa and laughter. 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

first day of january

Wells, today is the every first day of one of my favorite months. January. 
The month of snow, freezing winds, and my birthday. 
For me, the first day of 2014 did not start till about noon (well, it did start at midnight and yes, I was totally awake for that awesomeness, screaming with my bestie on the phone. Ah, moments).
Anyways, at about noon, I was up and watching a movie with my family. We laughed and my dad and I tried to guess everything that was happening. Good times with my family that makes me want to never grow up. 

But I did make it outside. Said hello to my bunny and walked around the yard in my pj pants and sweatshirt. That's what I've been in all day, well, I put the sweatshirt on after I dropped yogurt on my pj shirt. Um, yeah, I spill everything. And of course I was attempting to avoid the mud, so I was tiptoeing in my moccasins.  

And on my Flickr I'm going to try and do the photo a week or 52 photos in a year. I've never it before and I want to do something new this year for my photography. But nothing as big as a 365 challenge. 

I hope all of you had an amazing new years eve and I hope you have amazing adventures in 2014.