Thursday, October 10, 2013

We see the most beautiful places // Family Camp: Day Two

 Happy day two of camping! 

This was the day for everything. My besties and I did 3 whole trails, some of us girls surprised Leah with a little party for her birthday, and then Leah and I just hung out at the camp by ourselves. So many good times. My legs hurt so bad, but it was worth it. 
Just being in the woods is amazing. The tall green trees, the smooth, clear water, the rain bringing some fog, and the time spent with beautiful people. 

Who I see the most beautiful places with. 


P.S. I did a whole post just on the creek hike that Leah and I did.

Camp Day One

The trail to the creek.

On the creek hide, My boots are the brown ones. One of my favorite photos from the whole camping trip.

A little surprise birthday party for Leah's sweet 16.

Isn't she beautiful?

On a little hike we took after the party.

Adorable Braden

Some of the sweetest girls I know. Three beautiful sisters.

Back at camp in the cabin.

This leaf is shaped like a torn heart.

The Falls. It hasn't changed in over a long time of us coming to family camp.

Me, Leah, and Adrienne. They are my bestest friends.

One of my favorite things I saw the whole trip. Just this beautiful spot of water at the falls.

Walking back to camp. Such a beautiful day.


  1. These are all so beautiful. Camp is just so much fun. <3


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