Saturday, October 19, 2013

We know the wonderfullest people // Family Camp: Day Four

This was the kicking back and resting day, well in the afternoon at least. Most of us went to the softball fields or horseback riding, but us girls just stayed at the camp. We sat around the fire and listened to music. Almost falling asleep and taking photos of each other. 
It was a nice to just hang out with my beautiful friends. They are truly wonderful and I love them with all my heart. 
Then that night we all sat around a huge fire and sang praises to the most wonderful of all. 



Maddy, we were at the tennis courts that morning.

Bible bookmarks.

Tabitha, before the kids went to the horse barn.

Elizabeth, I loved getting to know this beauty better. She's so sweet and funny.

Later that evening Leah, Adrienne, Haley, and I headed to the falls. The parents and little kids were already there. :)

Adrienne is too adorable. <3

Beautiful Haley.


  1. These are beautiful, and I actually like that one of me. :) Haha.


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