Monday, October 7, 2013

We have the best of times // Family Camp: Day One

So every year my church goes on a little camping trip, well, I guess it's camping. Though we don't sleep in tents, so I guess we really go cabining. Is that a thing?
Okay, I'm getting off track, the point is that we do this every year and we love it. From staying in cabins with your friends (there's are 4 huge cabins, two for the girls and two for the boys) to trekking up a creek and falling in the water. 
And it's all so great. We laugh so hard and stay up late into the night (or morning, depending on your point of view). It's so much fun and such a blessing to be together for 5 days (we got an extra day this year). 

Yes, we have the best of times. 

And here's the photos from Day One. 

Loves. Victoria

Also, check this out.

We stopped at Burger King while caravaning down to the State Park. 

Ipod, handy on long car drives.

\Robin Hood, Katniss, it all comes to mind in the beautiful woods.

Going for a little cruise with the friends around the park.

This is the Inn.

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