Thursday, August 29, 2013

A trip to the zoo and so much more

"I'd rather live my whole life never seeing money, fame, or freedom; instead of never knowing you."

And that is my made up quote for the day.  
My family visited the zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was hot out but we had a great time. 
It's looking back on little trips like going to the zoo that it dawns on my just how blessed I am. 
I have two wonderful parents who love each other and their kids. 
I have 5 siblings, who are always teaching me to be patient and to love. 
I have amazing friends who stick up for me. 
I've never gone hunger or without a home. And I've been saved by a perfect Savior, who never gives up on me. 

But even with all of this, at times I catch myself wishing for more. But the moment when I ask my 4 year old brother who loves him and he says "Torya" (me); I know I couldn't trade it for the world. 
Yes, would having an endless stash of money, everyone's attention, and all the freedom one could have, be nice. 
Not when I have little brothers to cuddle with while watching movies, a sister to laugh at midnight with. A big brother who helps me plan surprises. And parents who put out with my loudness. 

So tell me, what's your life like and would you trade it for the world? 

Loves. Victoria 



  1. I love what you wrote. What a good reminder. :)
    These pictures are all GREAT. Especially those ones of the birds. Wow. Just amazing.

  2. These are AMAZING. Makes me feel like I was right there with you.

  3. Beautiful pictures, love the focus on all of them:D looks like you had fun!


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