Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fears & Promises // An Inside My Head Post

fear is only as strong as you are. 
fear is only as big as you imagine it. 
fear is only in your head and it will terrify you. 
but only if you let it. 

So I'm not the best person to talk to about fear/fears. Which are two different things.
Fear is something you feel. Fears are what you're afraid of. And it's natural to fear, to be afraid and scared. Because we're all humans and that's one of our flaws. It also protects us too. Like when you were little. If you were scared of something, you didn't get near it. Which kept you safe. It kept you from danger. But fears get inside your head and won't let you sleep. That happens to me. It happens to you. To everyone. Fears make you feel powerless and small. Weak and too little to fight back. Wow, how many of us would say that?

when I have fears I feel weak. my fears make me weak. 

But I'm starting to think differently. You see, I'm afraid of a lot of stuff. I mean I still am not a fan of the dark. Okay, I hate it. Now, I don't run and scream but sometimes it still scares me. And it may be something I always hate. I don't like it because I can't see in it.
Which is really what fear is. The unknown. I mean ask yourself. Are you afraid of something you understand and are familiar with? No. That's why we fear stuff, because you don't know what it is. Like a 6th sense telling you not to trust whatever it is.
Now most of my fears come from Satan. He plays with my mind and tries to get me believe things that aren't real or true. And that's why sometimes I can't sleep and when I do, I cry myself to sleep. Hiding under the covers and praying God too not let me go.
And God always comes through. He always hides me away in Him and pushes Satan away.

But I think I've figured out ways to face your fears.
So remember these things,

-what's real and what's just Satan's lies. 
-God's promises (like I Will NEVER Leave You) 
- that God is King over everything.
-God's the biggest and strongest thing EVER. 
-Satan can't touch you, because if you're a Christian, you're all God's. 
-that God is praying and fighting for you. And He's already won, if your his. 

So yeah, life is scarey and you will be afraid of things. But you don't have to be. And don't be ashamed of your fears. I run to my parents all the time, yeah even at my age. And I can sleep at night because I know I'm loved and there's someone who's in me, around me, under me, and above me. Protecting me from whatever comes my way.

Fear and fears don't make you weak. They make you stronger.