Tuesday, May 28, 2013

in the last drops of sunlight we dream

Last week my dad, my brothers, and I were outside. Seth and I were helping dad with bike checkups and Jonny and Timmy were playing in the yard.
I was holding a bike up for my dad when I saw the light. So bright and golden. It was amazing and breathtaking. So I grabbed Sammy and as soon as my dad let me leave I ran over to the boys..
And this is what we got..each taking turns with my Sony.
It's these moments where I hope I never leave home.

Loves. Victoria.

My sweet Timmy. He always smiles for the camera.

Timmy, Seth, and Jonny. My younger brothers. All born in a row.

Now, this picture has a story. I was on my stomach taking their photo when I need to move for the light. So I say, "commando dive.."(or something like that) and I tumbled to get the right angle.. But the boys thought I was telling them to dive! So this is what happened. I never smiled bigger. 

Timmy got this of Jonny sneezing.

Sethens took this of me..

Jonny took these..I love him. <3 Hey, like my shoes?


  1. Ah! Such gorgeous light! And such beautiful, sweet pictures. I love golden hour...I just need to learn how to take better pictures. :)

    I laughed when I saw the picture of your brothers diving haha SO cute!
    How do you edit your photos?


    1. Thank you so much!! Hahaha, they do the weirdest/cutest things.
      I use Lightroom 3 and ipiccy.com, I love them both.. :)

  2. ahhhhh my gosh these pictures are reeeaally good, vickie-roo! your brothers are pretty dang adorable. and those ones of you are so so so gorgeous!

    1. Aw, thanks Jess! You are too sweet. :)

  3. Little brothers. The best!!!!! These are all so wonderfully precious! The ones of you are stunning, you are adorable. =D

  4. The beauty you capture with that camera of yours is BREATHTAKING, absolutely stunning. love that dive photo haha so cute!

  5. Thanks Mackenzie and Victoria! :)

  6. These are all so incredibly beautiful. <3 The lighting in these is gorgeous. Such a sweet post. It reminds me so much of summer and childhood.

  7. These are beautiful! Great lighting.

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com


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