Thursday, May 23, 2013

a day at the zoo

About a week and a half ago my family went to zoo with our friends.
It was so much fun. And the kids were all over the place.
My bestie and I learned that the 'white rhinos' are really gray and making kissing noises doesn't make the animals come closer. So we basically looked weird. Shocking.
No, it was great. And I took about 300 or more photos. Or something crazy like that.
While going through and editing I kept telling myself.
"Victoria, you don't need 10 photos of the zebra."

Good times. Can't wait for summer. :)



  1. So fun! You took some amazing (!!!!) shots!

  2. It was fun! Love the pics of the butterflies. :) xo

  3. That was so much fun! Hopefully we can all go again sometime. :)
    I agree with Jordan, those butterfly pictures are gorgeous.
    Also, those ones of the Jelly Fish are really good too. <3


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