Friday, April 12, 2013

Sunset Beauties \\ Leah & Rachel

This is my best friend Leah and her little sister Rachel.
Or as I call them. Mylee and Ray. 
For Leah is mine and Rachel is a ray of smiles and bubbles. 
They are the sweetest girls and make my life so sweet and fun. I spend the night last week at their house. Leah and I went on a photo shoot after dinner.. she's just beautiful isn't she? 
With her blue eyes and long wavy hair.. yes, my bestie is gorgeous. 
During our little shoot I spotted Ray and called her over. I mean who couldn't love her? Big blue eyes ( just like her sis) and light sunshiny hair. 
 We went all around their yard and down the ally behind their house. The sunset was stunning and I love how it lights Mylee and Ray up. Not that they need it.
Loves, Vicky


Sunny Ray.. <3

Oh you know.. just Leah and me! :) Note- I'm the crazy girl on the left.

Thank you to my Ems for taking these of us!

 Yes, we're still 5, thank you.

My beautiful girl. <3


  1. aw! how darling! friends are such a blessing. don't know where I would be without some of them.

    lovely blog you've got here.
    blessings | grace
    >> come stop for tea @

  2. Three beautiful girls. I love your nicknames for them, Vicky. So sweet. Your photos are amazing as always. I hope you had a wonderful, blessed weekend! xoxo

  3. Aw, thank you so much Grace and Victoria! :)

  4. These are SO good!! Beautiful, creative & beautiful!


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