Wednesday, March 20, 2013

i will love you

"if you fall, i fall too.
if you hurt, i hurt too.
even if my heart turns black and blue. 
i will love you."

\\ JJ Heller


  1. Victoria! These photos are beautiful. I'm going to be honest, this post made me cry. Especially when I read the lyrics to JJ Heller's song. I have been going through some things, as I'm sure you figured when I made my blog private, and your post lifted my spirits. It reminded me of what love is. The love between us and our family/ friends, but most importantly the love God has for us. Thank you, Victoria! You truly made my day.

  2. Love the pictures=) And that song– JJ Heller is amazing!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful lyrics. :)

  4. gorgeous pics, i love flowers :) just started listening to JJ her!


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