Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Hero || A Little Brother Photo Shoot

So I talk about my little brothers a lot. I know, I know. It's a habit.
I just love them so much. They're a really big  part of my crazy life. And in case you don't already know, I have 4 of them.
And I think I start every post with "So". And I know, I changed the blog again. I'm just still looking for a look that I really like. And I'm hating my header. Ug. But on a happier note, back to the post. 

Seth is my littlest brother. The youngest. The baby. 
My very little hero. He loves Spider-Man and IronMan. He gets excited during movies. He gets really close to your face when he's being funny. He laughs with his brothers. And jumps when he's being silly. He's silly alot. Doing weird faces and singing along with the radio.
Telling me all out how he likes baby mouses, and doing this shame sign to the kitty(who tried to get a mouse).
I believe I taught him that one. 

 Isn't this too die for? His big baby blues.

 And then look at me! Sethie took these.
He said, "me take your pictures".
And he's really good. I think I have some competition!

Aw, just look at his new Spiderman hat. He LOVES it. :)

 His sissy loves him so much.
So I had him give me kisses and visa versa.
And they turned out!

These next two are probably my favorites from yesterday's shoot.
I just wish he didn't have to grow up.
Grow up and leave me empty.
Or more like, I don't want to leave him.
But we both have too.
But he always be my little hero. :)


  1. This post is so sweet and happy! I love it! And your brother is super cute! He IS good at taking pictures. :)) adorable.



  2. These are great Victoria. Almost made me cry. :) I love you guys so much. Fabulous job on the pictures/editing. I love his spiderman hat. He looks SO much like a Mini Tom in these pictures!! :)

  3. Oh and I REALLY love this new blog design! and your header is great.

  4. Oh Victoria, these photos are so precious! Your brother is so cute with his spider man hat! The photos he took of you are so good! Must run in the family! I especially love the last two photos too. Your relationship with your family is so loving and sweet. No matter how big he gets, he will always love his sissy.


  5. These are amazing! Aren't little brothers just the BEST!!?!?!
    I agree with Jordan- I LOVE YOUR BLOG DESIGN. Where did you get that background?

  6. AWww this is so adorable! Also good luck with your musical adventures!


  7. you are beautiful, girlie! love the one that's in your header. this post was so sweet, but sad. i feel the same way about my brothers. :)

  8. Awww...he is so cute:) he looks so much like Tim in these pics.

  9. Oh my word, look at all these beautiful comments! Thank you all SO much! :)


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