Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thursday was Beautiful

Thursday was beautiful. 

There was a little snow on the ground. The wind was perfect for books and the sunlight was gorgeous.
I couldn't have been happier. I had been thinking about what I was going to do for my 31 days picture and I took some of some jewelry that had been my greatgrandma's.
Then I got this great idea my chair outside and a few books. I've seen others do this before and love it.
So I tried and I'm loving how they turned out.
I have two old hymns (ah, I use them a lot) and I now have two poetry books (which I read and get VERY inspired from), so those were my book choices. And I used my new chair (which I can't get enough of).
So my day was well, again. Beautiful.
Oh and don't forget my hat (see last photo).
And I'm REALLY hoping to blog more.. So many ideas..and photos...



I think this might be my favorite of them all.. And the wind was totally blowing those pages, not me.


  1. Oh my. That chair! Loveee it. =) And the old books and hymnals... ! I think my favorite is the ninth from bottom? The wind adds the perfect touch to these - you did a wonderful job on your part, too. ;-)

  2. These are so good!!! I Love them so much. Great processing too. LOVE that chair!!

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  4. Oh Victoria, these photos are amazing! What a lovely chair you have, and how perfect does it look outside with the books! I have been in a photo funk lately, and your pictures really inspired me! Can't wait to see more!

    PS. I went to your Etsy shop and read your about, I love the name of your blog. My fiance and I went to a Tenth Avenue North concert (The Struggle Tour) a couple months ago, and they are truly AMAZING.


    1. Aw, your comment is too sweet!
      I love TAN! IKR? I went to one a few months ago too. They are amazing!!


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