Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This is the story of the man of God, hanging on a cross for me

  "This is the story of the Son of God
Hanging on the cross for me
But it ends with a bride and groom
And a wedding by a glassy sea
O death where is your sting
Cause I'll be there singing
Holy Holy Holy
Is the Lord"

|| The City Harmonic "Holy (Wedding Day)"

When I think of Jesus hanging on a tree. I think of myself. And my sin that sent Him there. But then I think of why He died. For me. To take away my sins and glory God.
And it humbles me.
Life gets us so busy, so caught up in our little worlds that we forget the God who died for us. I bet you can remember little detail about your problems and worries. When it comes to mine, I could write a book. Because I'm so self-centered. A selfish sinner who most of the time only cares about her.
Not so pretty am I? Not when you strip all the lovely outside off. Cuz I'm the one who sent Jesus to the cross. I didn't order Him to, but my sins caused me to need a savior, and guess who saw that and came through. God.
He send his son. So I wouldn't be such screw-up. So I could know true love.
And every man owns God. And since he died for us, God calls every man to repent. Not to do a thousand good works but to give his life over to him. And to follow him.
To take up that cross and follow him.
So today and everyday I'm grateful that One loved me enough to die for me.
And I hope to show people that love, or as much as I can.
Cuz, I'm only human. A dirty, wrenched, saved, forgiven human.


  1. Second is my fave...great creamy bokeh and simplicity. Love your creativity even in the middle of January...:) Need to listen to City Harmonic sometime, they're new to me.

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  3. Oh these are just lovely Vickie, and so meaningful!


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