Friday, January 4, 2013

The Three Houses || This is Home

Looking back on the houses I've lived I see God's hand in my life. And all the memories

The House With The Hallway. 
This was my second house. We moved into it when I was still little, so my memories are few but I do remember it.
The house had a loonnng hallway. Well, it really wasn't that long but to a little kid it was huge. My brother Caleb and I would run up and down it, playing hide and seek. Good times.
I recall this one time when I was like 3 maybe and Caleb was like 5 and we wanted him to spend the night in my room. Mom said yes but if we were too giggly and loud she'd put Caleb in his room.
I bet you can guess how that one went. Yep. We giggled. :)
I have this adorable picture of my friends Leah and Maddy and me on our swing set. We would play none stop on that thing. Speaking of these girls. I've know them all my life. My parents lived next to their grandparents at the house I can't remember, my first house.
So to say the least. All of us kids are close. And I think we know each other too well. :)

The Giant House. 
My third house is the one in where I have the most memories. We moved there when I was 4, in the fall of 2002. A long time ago.
My first memory of this house was getting out of the car and looking up. To a 4 year old the 2 story house looked like a mansion. I was wearing a yellow tank top and I believe I was holding my teddy bear. Which I've had forever and still have it. And Leah has a matching one. What are the odds?
But back to the story. The house looked so big, though it really wasn't.
We lived there for almost 9 years, we moved a month before it would have been 9. Now as I think back on all those years I can see that God truly has blessed me beyond degree.

The Make-It-Your-Own House.
This is where I live. For a year and half almost. We ripped and tore away the bad and build the better. My whole family and lots of friends re-did an old farmhouse and make it our own.
My friends and I painted rooms, listened to music while working, and my bestie sanded a wall with her brother. :)
So after a lot of work we ended up in an imperfect, little messy house.
 And I wouldn't trade it for the White House. We still are re-doing and designing (me mostly, it's a pleasure).
But the memories we've made in such a short time is amazing. I could sit for hours watching my siblings play in yard and listen to my dad sing (very loudly, but guess you does it too? Moi) all over the house.

So in the end. I'm so glad I was given the chance to live here on this planet. And the chance to live for God.
Like I said before, the older I get, the longer I live, I see how much He have given me. <3


  1. You inspire me Victoria every time I see your new posts!!!!:)

  2. awesomeness! haha, yup. I've lived in many different houses too. I think about 15. lol! it's amazing the memories that each house gives you though. gah, your pictures are sooo goooooood.


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