Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Globe Of The World

 A beautiful thing. A globe.
I sat down Tuesday and just stared at it.
The globe. Thinking of all the questions my Papa had asked me about the earth and countries. Thinking about how he's thousand of miles away. And wishing he wouldn't be gone so long.
But glad that he can help people out and see God's beautiful lands.
As I sat there, staring I thought of something. The something that I never really knew where he was going. Well, I do just I didn't know where on this earth it was.
So I found it. It took me about 5-10 minutes, but I found it.
And now being able to look at our globe and know where he is and when he's coming home makes the waiting worth it. :)



  1. Beautiful post and gorgeous photos! :) You guys have the prettiest globe. oh and i LOVE Your new blog header!

  2. Very nice, very nice...LOL really love this post. Made me think of clocks:)

  3. Thanks you all! Hahaha, really funny Dranna. :)


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