Saturday, January 19, 2013

End To A Perfect Day

So how was everyone's Saturday?
Mine was amazing.
I slept-in and woke up to sunshine streaming through my window. I had stayed up late (I have no idea what time it was) watching movies with my family. Or at least my mom, dad, big brother, sister, and youngest brother. My little brothers are coming home tomorrow. I miss them. And it's been barely 24 hours since they left.
Anyways, I woke to love, and then after breakfast my family took turns reading from the Bible. We've done this since I was little. It doesn't happened every day but when it does, it's always a moment I'll never forget.
Then I watched another movie with my sister. Haha, I've been sitting all day! Then my dad and I went out for lunch/dinner. Seafood. Yum. I was full. Still am a bit.
My birthday is tomorrow so that's why we went. We laughed, quoted TV shows, it was good to just look at my dad and wish I never had to grow up.
I am rambling, I know. So I'll shut up now and let you look at today's sunset photos.

Loves. Victoria

The new bag my family got me for my birthday. I love it.


  1. Err....forgot your birthday was coming up so fast! Happy bday....
    love the first shot especially.

  2. Beautiful pics! What a great Saturday :)

  3. oh my wordy!! happy birthday, vickie-roo!! LOVE that bag. awesomeness&mintybiscuits. gorgeous pictures, darling.


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