Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Out in the Woods || A Day For Adventure

I've always liked the woods.
The sun streaming through the branches and trees. The cool wind. The bird calls. The feeling of being lost in something that's so much bigger than you. And seeing God around every corner. His fingerprints on every leaf and his love in every whistle of the wind.
I have many memories with my family and friends in the woods. Hikes, laughter. Creeks. Walking up and down creeks. Standing in awe of a waterfall.
And when I lay back my head and stare at the treetops, I always feel so small.

My family was over at my grandparents house last Saturday and my sister, my cousin, and I went out into the woods behind my grandparents' house. It's not very big but big enough that if you go far enough, it feels like you're in a REAL forest.
Anyways, we walked up the creek, about half of it was frozen over and we could even walk on it at parts. My cousin fell in (just her foot)a few times. Then she and my sis fell off a log. I sat on the wet and freezing ground with my cousin...risked falling into the water by leaning unto the ice, I could have slipped....
But we were fine and just had a great time laughing, and trying to save each other and ourselves from falling..
I'm not the best hero... but oh well.

Shocker, I took a million of my feet....and my cousin's!

My cousin's awesome shoes and pants..lots of these!

One of my favs from the day. My sister and her Sony.

Also a fav. I just love the little bit of snow on the mud..

We should have a contest, how many pictures of Vicky's feet can you find. A lot.

My sister crossing the creek. :)

All of our feet..:)
The lovely Sophia. She's darling.

Paige. My sis. :)
Isn't she beautiful?