Thursday, November 8, 2012

i do believe that it's the littlest things that are the loveliest of all

The little girl lays in the meadow full of beautiful flowers with her teddy bear.
She rolls over and looks at the bear.
'Mr. Bow-Tie, why do you think the sky is blue. i think it is because the grass was already green. and it's not nice to steal something's that is somebody else's. you remember that Mr. Bow-Tie, do you hear me. remember to never take want doesn't belong to you.' 

The five year old rolled back over and fell asleep, Teddy bear safely under her arm.

Six way too short years later the little girl who wasn't so little anymore was playing tag with her friends. They laughed and danced and giggled. They were having so much fun. a rusted, loud pick-up pulled into the drive-way. As the giggles turned into dead silence, the girl's drunk father tripped out of the truck.
And when he saw the girls' smiles and the last few giggles, the anger from day spilled out. he yelled and shouted. The girls ran away, back to their safe homes. But the one little girl who's not so little anymore just stood there. What was she to do? She had no where else to go. This was the only place that had given her love, even if it was just hate that she imagined was love. For she longed for love the most.
Her father looked at his only child. The child that he saw as ungrateful and a burden. What God saw was a broken, scared, lost little girl. But her father wasn't God and didn't know of Him.
So he did what people do. They get mad, they forget their matters. He yelled long and hard at his child. Then he took her last little ray of hope. He took her teddy bear. He took it and threw it into the river. Then he dragged the girl into the house. He told her to stay and she did, for the fear was too great.
 But she cried herself to sleep.

After struggling on her own, after searching for someone who loved her, she finally gave up. She gave up her life to God because she saw that she never could have found Him, for He had already found her.
So her life changed. It was still very hard at times, and she still at times tried to run from God's love. But He always found her and pulled her back.

Now all grown up, twenty-five, our little girl is living alone in an little house and is best friends with her neighbor. She met him at the cafe she works at downtown. He said hi and suddenly she remembered a little boy saying hello a long, long time ago.

'Well, hello. Do I know you from somewhere?' 

'Maybe what's your name?' 

'What's your name?' 

Turns out it was the girl she had known way back in time. Her family had owned the meadow, she played in. And pretty soon they were besties. She even got a new teddy bear.

'When you told me that you had lost your old one I decided to buy you a new one.'

'Thank you but why did you do this. I mean, it's just a little bear, nothing that important.'

'Maybe, but I do believe it's the littlest things that are the loveliest of all.' 




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