Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My One and Only: A Sister Photo Shoot

God gave me one sister for a special reason.
I need my little sister. She listens to me when I go off on an drama rage.
She makes me laugh and smile. We watch chick flicks together. Ask each other which lip gloss matches our outfit. We talk in the night as we lay in bed. We think on the same page.
Paige is my one and only sister. I've only got one chance to be a big sis. And I don't want to mess it up.

And I think about that quite a bit. Messing it up. As the older sister and the second oldest in my family that's on my mind a lot. What if she sees me and follows my bad sides? What if she makes the same mistakes as I did and do? What she never knows how much I love her?
There's just so many what if's. What if she doesn't know the real me?

Paige is the sweetest girl. And I say that not just because I'm her sister. She's got brown silky hair with touches of red almost. And the prettiest blue/green eyes. <3

Now I on the other hand am not as sweet. And have the opposite hair. Fizzy and curly. And hazel eyes.

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos. This was such a fun shoot.
And be expecting more posts!




  1. I just had a sister photo shoot. :)

  2. these are so good! love you so much! you are so sweet and nice! great job! :D

  3. I love these so much Victoria! Paige looks so much older in these :)Beautiful photos and a great shoot with such a good meaning. <3 both of you!

  4. OOOOOOOOOH you guyes are so GORGEOSe and so PRETTY in these pictues!!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! YOU AND YOUR SISITER ARE TO CUTE!!!!:)

  5. aww... these are sweet! "Just because" sister shoots are always a lot of fun, no? ;-) I am so grateful for my sisters, too. We learn so much together. I am not the oldest girl in my family, but I too am constantly in need of seeking the Lord on how to be a godly example to my younger siblings. I am not always the best example, I know, but by God's grace I hope to become a better one each day. =)

  6. Beautiful pictures of beautiful girls!

  7. These pictures are absolutely stunning! You two are beautiful too, and your love shows. And can I say you have really, really pretty hair? It's not fuzzy at all. It's gorgeous.

  8. These are adorable!! Both of you are beautiful!

    <3 Dakota Nicole

  9. Love these pictures! And I love your hair, just saying :) Your little sister is pretty gorgeous too.

  10. Thank you so much everyone, all these replies really mean a lot!! :)


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