Friday, September 7, 2012

::the cracks in the road::

"The cracks in the road aren't who we are, no, they just show where we've been. The bumps and the bruises aren't our reflection, no, their just the lessons we've learned. And the cracks in the road are sings of hope."


I closed my other blog (The Songwriter) down. Sad right. But honestly I didn't post much and I was still worried about my songs being in risk. So I closed it. I decided that since this is my personal blog, if I have a song I can put it on here. Less confusion.

These photos are about a month old. Yeah, I took them the night before my trip.

And I loved them but have just now gotten around to showing them. Hahah. A bit slow am I?

Anyways, my little lyrics up there mean a lot. God shows me all the time that I'm not my failures, not my shames, not my sins, not my scars. I'm His. And the rest of me just follows. My bestie taught me that one.



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  1. Beautiful pics! I love the one of the rut in the road! Love! :)


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