Wednesday, September 12, 2012

::Of Lately::

Hey my peeps. What's up? Well, in Victoria world, nothing that much. I've been busy with school. 9th grade isn't as hard as I'd thought, at least not yet. I've been hanging with friends, loving on my littlest brother (so cute), and taking lots of pictures. I need a break.
And the good news in that I'm going to get one. In about a week. 1 week. 1 week more till camp!
Yes, I said camp. Let me explain.
Every year my church spends 4 days at a state park. A beautiful park with lots of trails, a waterfall, volleyball and basketball courts. We stay in huge cabins. Boys in one. Girls in the other.
And we have a Mess Hall (dinning type room) where we all eat together, best part.

I love camp, so much. My besties and I push bunks together so we have our own little area. We sing around the campfire. Play games till 2:00 a.m.
And my BFF Mylee's birthday is on the Sat. we're there! :)

So do you guys like the random pictures?




  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Love all of them. Can't wait until camp!

  2. Love these pictures! I can't wait till camp either!!!!

  3. These pictures are really good. I love the light in each one, very pretty!


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