Friday, August 17, 2012

:Tennessee Road Trip:

                 "I'd travel the world, love, but swear I'll always come back to you. So don't be so darn worried when I leave. You're always on my mind. Like all the time. Even when there's miles and miles between remember this, I'm never that far away."


I had the most wonderful time in TN. I saw mountains,a heck of a lot of cabins, downtowns, family, a rodeo, water slides, roller coasters.

My family and I stayed in my great uncle's cabins. Well, just one of them. It was lovely. My siblings and I exploded his yard, which is the woods. Pretty awesome for photos.

Yes, I rode my first coaster. The Wild Eagle, it's the first winged coaster in the US and just came out this year. So i was pumped bout that. It was the scariest, amazing, freaky and awesome thing I've ever done.

I visited the Smokie Mountains, they were unbelievably gorgeous. :):):) <3

There's so much I did, it's shocking. But I'll leave the rest to your imagination.



The night before the trip.

Britt Nicole. Love listening to her, she's such an encouragement.

Reflections in the van. 

My Timmy. :)

The Ohio River. We were crossing it into Kentucky.

Playing on the Fire.

The TomTom.

Jonny. Getting so big so fast.

My converse. I have an obsession with taking pics of them.

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Caleb's cam.

My family. Left to right- Mom, me, Caleb, dad. Then left to right in the lower row- Seth, Timmy, Paige, and Jonny.

One of my favorites.

Mason. My third cousin. He was my little buddy. He'd hold my hand and cuddle up. :) I hope he remembers me.


  1. Looks like you had a fun trip and you got some AMAZING pictures!! I'm very proud of you! :)

  2. I love all of your photos. You are quite a talented photographer! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I enjoyed this post. I love Britt Nicole too - a wonderful singer.

  3. I'm finding it just a tiny bit difficult to express how much I love this post! I'll be following...

    Anna x


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