Thursday, July 12, 2012

::Precious Time::

My Precious Girls. Paige, Sophia, Grace, Chelsea, and Allison.
I know your not mine. I'm just the big sister, the cousin, the friend. But you're such a big part of me. And I'd be soo lost without you. I miss you when you're not around and want to hold you forever when you're with me.
You're God's. And He's going to be with you always. He's going to take you places, change your lives, let you meet people. You're going to grow up. Not be the sweet little girls I now know.
 And if I could stop time, would I?
Would I stay being 14 and you all innocent?
Would I stop time to project from the scars you will gain? 
Would I give up my life to hold you forever?
Would I? Would I?
There's so much pain and hurt that I want you to never, ever see. I want you to be free and not tied down by shame and heartache.
But what if I stopped time to find out that God had the most amazing plan for you? That the scars and regrets and hurts were going to make you a better person.
I couldn't stop that.

I know you'll have sad stories like I do to tell one day. But life's not about the sad stuff, it's about laughing and praising God. It's about being a light, living day by day. It's about those moments with friend and family. It's about going out and living. It's about God and His plan for you.

Someone once told me that God was going to do great things through me.
And I know that God is doing great things with,for, and through you.
I Love You. <3


  1. So sweet! I played with Chelsea today at VBS. She is just the sweetest! :)

    1. Aww, this is such a cute post. I love your cousins! They're all so cute!
      IKR? Don't you wish you could just protect them forever? That they could always stay innocent. But they can't. We all grow up, and go through the things we do for a reason. God has a reason for everything, and he is amazing!
      Aw! Chelsea got glasses! They look sooo adorable on her. ;)

      @ Olivia: IKR? She's just the sweetest! Everytime I see her, she's my little buddy. <3

  2. Your photos are so pretty! Are you a canon or a Nikon girl? Following! Alex

    1. I'm a Sony girl. And thanks a bunch!! :)


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