Monday, June 18, 2012

::Run'n Into Summer::

Wow. I've had the busiest summer of my life so far.
I just got back from a trip up to northern Indiana and Michigan with my grandma and great aunt.
But my story starts a week before that. :)

Monday, June 4th, 2012

It's in the morning. I'm in the car rocking out to Toby Mac's latest CD. I'm with my family. Not all my family of course. My dad's at work and Ben's with us. Oh, yeah, Ben's a friend. He slept over the night before.
I'm singing along with Mac and we're driving down a country road. Got my mug of orange juice in hand. (Orange juice is my new addiction.)
We pull into a gas station and my mom goes in to get a tea. Not a surprise..........................
Then Ben's mom, Mrs. Eaks, pulls up. Then Jordan, Ben's oldest sister and a close friend of mine, pulls in.
I give up shot gun, grab my stuff and go over to Jo. And I ride with them to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. 
Mrs. Eaks leads the way (more or less) followed by my mom then Jo. Leah, Jordan, and I are laughing and telling random stories. :)
Oh my gosh! I forgot LEAH! Yes, my sweet and very first BFF. I loves her so much. More than the world does she mean to me. <3
We do get to the museum but not without getting lost (well the mom's were, Jo and we were fine.) And going in a big circle.
Pictures below.

Okay. So that's the first part of this post. The second part will be 'bout my northern Indiana trip with my sis, grandma, and great aunt. :)

The BumbleBee It talked. Well not really.......

In the elevator. Only us. So this is totally the Eaks and Morans together. Jordan's the one holding her camera high up. Leah's the one with her camera pointed at me. Emmy is the girl with the hat. And my little sis Paige is behind Emmy. This is my fav of all the photos I took. 

Looking out over the

The amazing glass thingy. Yeah, I know I called it a "thingy". Ignore me.

The Water Works...................Jordan, Leah, and I build some boats and tried to get some pictures of them sailing.

Me and Lee. In the mirror maze. Probably my favorite part of the trip. Leah and I were in love with it.

Us again. Check out my diva pose.........

A little violin on a little piano................Cute right?


  1. That is cute! Looks like it was a fun time

  2. That was so much fun! Such a great post! I love you, Victoria. :)


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