Saturday, May 12, 2012

::Only Water::

"Come one, I promise I won't let you go." He said.

"But what if I sink, what if I slip? I can't do it." She said. The little girl was scared to death of the brown inky water.

"I promise sweetheart. I won't let you go. I'll never let you slip." He said again. Holding his hands to the little girl. The little girl shook her head and backed away. "I'm too scared."
He smiled. His daughter could be so brave but when it can to water she froze up. When it would start to rain she would panic, and when she saw a boat she squeezed her eyes shut.
I just want her to trust me. She'd be fine if she trusted me. 

"Trust in me with your whole heart, don't listen to your own thinking. Believe in me. I'll make you strong."

And she did.

The cool wet blanket crept up her bare feet. Her dad's strong hands held her tight. She closed her eyes and held back the scream that tried to escape her throat. The water washed over her swimsuit and reached almost to her shoulders. She opened her eyes just a slit. What she saw left her speechless.
The colors around her burst into a million tones and shades. The sun's light made her feel like she was lost in a star.

So remember beautiful things will happen when we trust God.

I'm hoping to write more short stories like this Only Water one in the future. Hope you guys liked it! :)


  1. Beautiful post Victoria! You're so good at writing. :)

    <3 You!

  2. Nice! I just posted something about trust recently. It's so true, isn't it? Trust is so hard, but with God, it's always worth it.

  3. Really pretty:) You're an amazing writer.


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