Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Robin Hood

Dear Robin Hood, sometimes I wish you were real. And that I wouldn't even car if you lie and steal. There's so much pain in this world. I just thought maybe you could help.
Cuz Robin Hood, sometimes I want a hero I can see. One I could hug and talk to face to face.
But when did I forget about my God's loving mercy and ever-lasting grace?

Dear Robin Hood, sometimes I think that you could be real. If I believed hard enough maybe you'd appear.
Cuz Robin Hood, I want a hero I can see. To end this nightmare of misery.

But I'm a traitor if I trust in you. A lair. A thief if I try to steal God's love then forget him. A lair. A traitor. A thief.
So I need to be okay with you not being here.
So I don't need to have you here.
Cuz you're just a man. When I have a God. A beautiful, amazing, loving God.
What else do I need?
What else do I want?

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  1. Oh. Wow. Really like this, especially in your special song format. And it's so true.


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