Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rock'n My Kicks

Hey guys what's up?!

I have some exciting news. My Aunt sent me two pairs of Converse All-Stars. I love them.
So What do ya think I did with them? I took pictures. Duh. :)
And some random photos. Yesterday my mom and I went shopping together. We don't get to hang out one on one much really so it was great. :)
Well, since Picnik is going out and my Lightroom trial (trying to buy it right now), but I've found a free editing program that I find better than Picnik. It's called PicMonkey. They have all of the same things as Picnik and some different ones. It's really cool. All of these pictures have been edited with it. :)
Well, got to go! :)



  1. Cool! Lovin' the new kicks. :) Looks like that editing program is going to be awesome! also love love the new blog background.

  2. haha! I love that second from last picture. you look so happy. That PicMonkey looks really good:) You did a great job editing that first picture, too.

  3. I love your shoes, they're so cute!! Converse is great, no?


  4. Adorable post Vicky! :) Cute shoes. I love my converses. :) Love you lots!


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