Wednesday, April 25, 2012

::Love Isn't Easy::

Love's not a feeling
Love's not convenient
But I know love will change your life
Love takes sacrifice
Love cuts like a knife
Sometimes love will make you cry
Love's not easy
But it's worth it

Love is a hunger
But love won't leave you empty
See it's the language of the heart
Love can steal your pride
But love won't let you hide
It takes everything you've got
Love's not easy
But it's worth it

What you gonna do when the bottom falls out
And you're left with nothing but your fear and your doubt to hold to
Who will hold you?
Where you gonna run when it's all on the line
[From: ]
And you're looking for someone to save your life
To save your life

Love can hear you
Love can heal you
If you let it inside
Oh, remember now
Love's not easy
But it's worth it

Love's not easy. Love often hurts. But I have to love the people who have scarred me. I have to love my enemies, my family, my friends, my God.
But that's the easy part. Loving my BFFs' is so natural. And loving my family is with an never stopping love. Even loving a nice stranger is semi-easy. Loving my town or house or Bible is easy.
But when it comes to loving my enemies I crumble. Loving the person (whom I truly do love but gets to me sometimes) can be hard.

God loves me. He loves me. The girl who fails and sins almost 24/7! He loves the sinner. So I have to love. I don't have to love loving. I don't have to like it but I have to do it. Because I don't like it. My sinful self likes holding a grudge, being bitter. But that kills me inside. Being bitter hurts more than loving. It doesn't cost me much and hurts different than loving does. Being bitter hurts me as in I know it's not right, so it hurts my soul. But loving hurts my pride, my ego, my heart.

But today I feel like I need to say something. Even if it doesn't make sense to all of you.
To all those who have ripped me apart. Made me feel like I grew up to fast. Those who broke me.
I just want to say, I forgive you. And forgiving you hurts me, but I have to do it. Everyday almost.
And I love you.


  1. this is one of my absolute favorite songs! i love what you said & your photos are stunning! :)

  2. These are beautiful photographs and beautiful words. I love you Victoria so so much babe. :)

    1. Aww, Jo. Thank you. I loves you too's! <3

  3. beautiful picture and writing. I really love your blog actually. :) Following.


  4. I love what you said. I thought at first you wrote the song, and then I realized, oh, wait...yeah that's Adrienne the Oblivious.
    And I know, I'm your BFF, but I want to say I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to hurt you! I know I have sometimes.
    And if I haven't said it recently, I love you too.

    1. Thank you Adrienne, but I wasn't even talking 'bout you. :)


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