Monday, April 23, 2012

::Forever Young::

"Forever young. I wanna be forever young. Do ya really wanna live forever? Forever. Forever young."

Thursday was the best. My best friend Leah came over with her family. I live out in the country. Farm house that my dad took all 2011's summer working on. Lots of land to run on (pretend like I can fly). And an orchard of trees a road away. Just a road away.
Leah and I hung out. Ate lunch. Listened to gross stories by adorable children. :)
I've driven by the orchard (which I have now just decided to call Odair's Orchard, after Finnick Odair. Way too much Catching Fire lately) dozens and have always wanted to stop and get some pictures on it.
Which hit me Thursday while Leah was playing catcher in a little baseball game with the little boys. My mom said yes but we had to take Maddy with us. That's right mom, that way if we got kidnapped there'd be 3 ids missing instead of 2. But it turned out be be a great idea. No, no one tried to kidnap us or kill us. It's just that Maddy's super fun to hang with. :)
SO we started off. Just walking down a country road (Maddy was freaked about cars.) Three babes with their cameras. I took like 100 pictures. Or something like that!

"Let's dance for while, let's dance in style."

As I think on it today I can see that these are the good times. We're young and free. Happy and silly. And we don't even know it most of the time. It's like that song, Forever Young. Why should we try to grow up so fast. I'm guilty of that. I try to plan my life when I should just inhale and exhale. Because if I amount to anything isn't the point. If I never get to sing in a recording studio. If I never get the electric guitar I want. If No one ever read my songs. Even though that means a ton to me, it doesn't make me who I am. God makes me who I am.
Okay, I'm getting a little side tracked here. My bad. So, like, back to the point-

"Let us die young or let us live forever."

We all need to slow down and look around, for this is all the time we may have.
Some pictures from our little adventure. :)

"Some are like water and some are like the heat. Some are the melody and some are like the beat."

The Flowers across my street

Maddy. Beautiful photographer.

Weeds but Beautiful

God's Power

Odair's Orchard


All over the place

I found this bird's nest in a tree. Leah and I took lot's of pics of it. :)

Poison Berries? Katniss and Peeta.............

Direct 4. Finnick Odair's home

Oh so pretty Leah. She posed for me. :)

Someone's awesome mailbox.


  1. I love this reminder. That we are young and silly and we don't even know it and we that's the way we should be! :) I love that picture of Maddy! And I really want that mailbox!

  2. I love that song and the message of your post. Oh, if we could only freeze time! :) You got some gorgeous pics, I love the one of Leah's feet in Odair's orchard and the mailbox pic! Great editing too, was it LR or Picmonkey?

  3. Yeah, that was so much fun! :D Great blog post Vicky. :D Ha, and of course, got to love that song, "I want to be forever young...." Great pics, ha, and I love the name of the orchard!

    Love you! <3 <3

  4. Love this; I know, I try to grow up waaaay to fast too. Time to slow down.
    Looks like you had a lot of fun...and you're right. Way to much THG lately.


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