Thursday, April 5, 2012

Am I A Weed? Or A Flower?

I'm yellow, get poison sprayed on me all summer long, I'm called a pest, annoying. A gross weed many  would say but really? What am I? What are we really? 
Think about it for a second- you guys are called humans. But what are you really? Are you weeds too or perfect little flowers?
Maybe the dandelion has a point. Really who are we? Just people, are we important. Well, I can't be the judge for how to rate people. But God is. I think that God sees all our faults and failures and scars. But then He looks past them. He then sees as beautiful and precious. I think the problem with us is that we see our scars and sins and shames but can't see past the. Why? Because we get caught up on all the things we've done wrong and forget that God loves us. 
But sometimes I think we see way too past our faults and get cocky. We start thinking we're better then we truly are. And forget that we're sinners saved by grace. That we're the hurt and God's the healer. 
But about these dandelions? What's up? Are they weeds like we've always said? I think that these yellow weeds are a lot like us. Messes up but still beautiful. So next time you go to stump on a dandelion, think about it. :)   


  1. Yes, great post Vicky! :) And very,very true! We do not deserve his love, but he loves us anyway. <3

  2. Great post, this is very true and well written. Heehee, I love your new header. I'm a mess, but I'm God's mess.


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