Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot Cocoa And Noodles

 First off- HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my darling Jordan!
Last night I went over to her house for a sleepover with some other friends. It was awesome. Ice cream, Quelf, laughing, watched Jane Eyre, and Jo opened her presents. :)
Then this morning we played another game, had hot cocoa, and left over pizza and chicken & noodles. They were just what I needed (the noodles).
I love you Jordan! <3


  1. I had SO much fun with you guys!!!!! I love you thanks so much for coming and for my gifts!!! I'm so glad you had fun. Can't wait to do this again for no reason at all! :) LOVE you so super much!!!

  2. These pictures are awesome! I love especially the one of Maddy with Jordan in the background. That was so fun. So you figured out how to flip around the pictures! That's good.


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