Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deep In The Meadow..........

So everyone who's read The Hunger Games Series should know what I'm talking about in this post. I love THG soo much. But I like telling stories so listen to this one.
My BFF's cousin read THG for a school project and loved it. So she told my BFF's sisters and then they read it. Then of course my BFF read it. I by now had heard about it and wanted to read it. So I did. Duh.
But there's something I learned from reading THG. And that's that it's not for everyone. I even had my doubts about reading it. I do love it now. But there's some stuff in it that everyone may not agree with.
One of my favorite parts of THG is Rue. I love Rue. She's adorable and kinda is like Katniss little sister for a bit. So I had my little sister do a Rue Photo Shoot with me.
Now my sister looks nothing like Rue but it's the thought that counts.
And for a heads up I'm taking a picture till FRIDAY of a Hunger Games Themed thing.

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