Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dearest Heart: Should I Follow You?

So we've all always been told to follow your heart, your dreams. Now I'm not saying that this stuff is a bunch of crude but just hear me out. I've noticed when I follow my heart, I end up mess'n up.
Let me tell you a story. Yesterday someone emailed me and said some things. Now they were just joking and not meaning to be mean. I had already been having a terrible day. Woke up dead sick, at 11:30, got a horrid migraine. Went back to bed till 2:00 something in the afternoon. My contacts weren't in, I was in pj's all day. Felt like life would be better if I wasn't breathing.
Then when my head felt better and I finally got out of bed, I checked my emails. And there is was, this silly, trying to be funny email. And it just totally ticked me off! The first thought that flew into my mind was fine, now they can have it right back! 
And what do you think I did. I went and ran my mouth! I said some pretty nasty things. And of course I didn't think about what I had wrote till after I had hit the send button. But it was too late. But the funny thing is I usually don't do things like that. Well, sometimes but I usually hold my tongue. I had a really out of person at that moment. But I said what I said, and it can't be undone.  
I ended up saying sorry to that person, I felt terrible, and they did too. I take all the blame, because it was me that over-reacted.
I guess my point is that when I send that terrible email I was following what my heart wanted. I was following my flesh but also my heart. My heart wanted that person to get what I thought they needed. When I forgot that my heart belongs to Jesus. But even in that, I still can try to take over. And yesterday God let me a little, I believe He wanted to teach me that I need to follow Him but me.
So ask yourselves, are you following your heart or God?
If God owns your heart, and then if you listen to Him (yeah, it may take pray and time), then you are following your heart. Or the Maker of your heart.
My best friend modeled for me today at Church. Enjoy! :)


  1. this is really good Victoria...
    Loved every bit of it, adorable photos, and a really good message. :)
    thank you.

  2. Aww, My ray! Thank you so much, it means the world! You can thank my bestie for the photos!


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