Friday, March 9, 2012

Day Two and Three Of Brown County

Sorry, not much to say.
But me and my BFF started a blog together. Sorry, but it's still in "designer" stage right now. But it will be good. I promise.

Here are my pictures from my trip to Brown County State Park, Days Two and Three. Enjoy!

 Day Two Pictures.

Day Three Pics

Well that's the end of my trip's pictures, I got some great memories. But it's always good to be home.
As Megamind would say,
          "There's no place like evil lair!"


  1. Ha. Great post! Sounds like you had fun! :)
    I love the picture of the chipmunk! So adorable. <3 Ha, I can't wait until we get our blog up and running! LOL It'll be lots of fun..

  2. Oh, wow, I didn't see these! These are so good:)


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