Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brown County State Park::My Family's Trip In Southern Indiana-Day One

Well, today is my first post of my family's little trip to Brown County State Park! It's gorgeous there. The woods and the views are amazing! Brown County is the biggest state park in Indiana. And it was big! It took us like ten minutes to drive to the end of the park. Which is long, if your in a state park.
My family and I stayed in a cabin, which was super adorable and comfortable. My sister and I got an upstairs room, while my brothers slept on the pull-out couches. My parents were upstairs too.
Brown County has an inn called the Abe Martin Lodge. So I guess it's a lodge not an inn. Same, same if you ask me. But anyways, in the "lodge" there's a swimming room. It's like an indoors water-park with an awesome slide, a "lazy river" and a volley-ball playing area. You should look it up to find more about it! It's really, very cool though.
Enjoy my Day One pictures. Two more posts coming! :)

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  1. See, wasn't the slide fun? Yes it does take a looong time to get through there. I love that picture of your mom, and the one with the 3 foot 6 inches.
    Haha, that happened to us, the girls and parents got the upper rooms and the boys got the couches!


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