Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"I Think Of My Favorite Things, And Then I Don't Feel So Bad"- The Sound Of Music

 Hey my bloggers, what's up? Sorry, been a bit busy for a few days. or more like weeks. But I'm back and with a post! Thank goodness. The weather has been great for the past week, nice and sunny, and springy. But it almost all gone now. :(
 Friday I did a little "photo shoot" with my room. Just a few pics of some things around my room. So enjoy and comments! Hehehe................. and sorry, but I still haven't figured out how to flip the photos. If anyone knows I need help!!!!!!!!!



  1. I think that maybe if you grab the link from Flickr and put them in your post that way, then they will rotate. That would mean you have to upload them all. You can also use Photobucket and do it that way! :)

  2. I love all of these! So good Vicky :) Oh, look, there's the little doggy I got you!

  3. Thanks Livvie for the help!
    Thanks Leah! :)

  4. Oh, cute! I love your blog header! Where'd you get it? Hey, if you ever want me to, I could design you one for your blog, and make the girl look like you! :D

  5. Love that little doggy! Haha, I remember the night Leah gave it to you. Afternoon.
    Love the first one! not the bird one, but the beads.

  6. Thanks Leah! It's from a drawing book my aunt gave me for my b-day and I just colored it in. And I would LOVE THAT! PLEASE!!! :)

    Aww, thanks Dranny! :)


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