Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Day Out: In My Own Little World

Yesterday my mom took me and my little siblings to the library. We had to stop by to get a guitar fixed at a music store too. But before we left and in the car I got some pictures. So I decided to do a little post of my little world. Welcome to "Victoria Land". Haha, it's usually crazy but fun. Enjoy! :)

This was taken before we left in our yard. We live on almost three acres out on the country side. It beautiful out here. And the sun was amazing yesterday, no clouds just a blue sky. God's creation is gorgeous. :)

I made this the other day, it's a little heart pillow that I glue to an ring. The ring I made of elastic. Taken in the car.

I love this one. It reminds me of my life. Crazy. And this picture has a bunch of reflections in it.I hope you guys can figure it out! Hahaha.

Almost out of the driveway when I snapped this one. Just the sun again and the car window. Wow, very special right? :)

Now this should scare you or make you never look at my blog again at least. Haha, joking, though this is a little odd. Well, there's me in a nutshell. I was waiting for mom to get done with whatever she was doing in the place where she was. I know that's a horrible description. Jonny (my third to youngest brother) is smiling in the background. So that has to be a good capture. :)
Hope everyone had an awesome week!

Love, Vickie


  1. Hey, I love this post! I haven't been on for awhile. Love that last picture. Yeah, I'm never going to get on here again, sure! Love you,

  2. Hahah, Thanks Dranny! :) That's why I love you babe! <3


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