Thursday, January 12, 2012

More 366

 Oh my word. I'm very, very behind! Eek! :)
But here they are!
This week went pretty good but next week is going to be crazy! I re-start piano Tuesday, my teacher has been in India for almost two months and she's back now. Then I have choir at a nursing home (with my friends). Then a sleepover, and my sister and mine birthday party. Full week. :)
 Okay enough of my rambling! Here's my 366, from Saturday to today! :)


9/366 can't flip it!!!

10/366 can't flip this one either!!


12/366 still can't flip it, help!!!!


  1. It's going to be a busy week for me next week too! And I can't wait untill your birthday :)
    I love all of these! LOL That's ok, I'm pretty behind too! :) I'm catching up tonight though :)

  2. Oh, and that was me, Leah, for some reason it didn't put my name on there! haha

  3. why can't you flip it? I can help if you want!

  4. These are all so good!! I love that one of paige so much!

  5. Eep, I can't wait until Friday...these are so cute, especially the one of Paige! Hey I didn't see the last one on Flickr? Maybe you haven't uploaded it yet.

  6. Thanks girls! Yes, Jo I need help!!! Maybe Friday? If you drop off Leah and Maddy? IKR Adrienne! It's going to be great! :)


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