Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Six Of 366: January Or Spring?

Today It felt like spring. So oddly warm, almost freaky, since last year at this time Indiana had like a ton of snow. But at least it's not raining anymore. :)
I love winter though. If you ask me, I think that maybe it's the prettiest season. Or maybe I just think that way because my birthday's in January. ?
Sorry, but I'm a weirdo.




  1. OH, I love this picture of you!! <3 You are so beautiful Vicky!! Oh, AND I'm proud to say that I at least get to be the first commenter on this post!! <3 hee hee Love your blog sooo much! The polka dots, the pictures, everything!
    It did feel like spring today, didn't it? It made me so happy :) Ha. It's like God is just tempting us with a tiny taste of spring, that'll probably be gone tomorrow!!
    Love you! <3

  2. Sooo, Beautiful! :)
    my favorite photo of you yet! :D

  3. My opinion is that fall is the best, but I don't think you're weird for thinking winter is the best because your birthday is in it. Especially this birthday! heehee
    love, Adrienne

  4. Leah! My BFF! My darling! Thank you so much! I love you so much! :)
    Thanks Rachel! Your sooo sweet. :)
    DRAN! Hahaha, Hahaha. IKR? :)


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